Get WSManCredSSP - PowerShell


Get-WSManCredSSP retrieves Windows Remote Management (WinRM) Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) configuration information. It allows you to view the settings used for CredSSP authentication and manage related properties.


Get-WSManCredSSP [[-Name] <string>] [-Namespace <string>] [-UseDefaultNamespace]


| Option/Flag | Description | Default Value |
| -Name | Name of the CredSSP configuration. | |
| -Namespace | Namespace of the CredSSP configuration. | Root\Microsoft\Windows\CredSSP |
| -UseDefaultNamespace | Use the default CredSSP namespace. | false |


Example 1: Get CredSSP configuration by name

Get-WSManCredSSP -Name MyCredSSPConfig

Example 2: Get all CredSSP configurations


Example 3: Get configuration from a specific namespace

Get-WSManCredSSP -Namespace "MyCustomNamespace"

Common Issues

Error: CredSSP configuration not found

This error may occur if the specified CredSSP configuration does not exist. Verify the configuration name and try again.

Error: Access denied

This error may indicate that you do not have sufficient permissions to retrieve the CredSSP configuration. Ensure that you have the necessary administrative rights.


Integration with Invoke-WSManCommand

Get-WSManCredSSP can be used to retrieve the CredSSP configuration used for a specific WinRM session:

$credSSP = Get-WSManCredSSP
Invoke-WSManCommand -Credential $credSSP.Credential -ComputerName Server1