Get WinEvent - PowerShell


Get-WinEvent retrieves events from the Windows event logs. It allows for detailed searching and filtering of event data, enabling efficient troubleshooting and analysis of system activity.


Get-WinEvent [-Filter <String>] [-Limit <Int32>] [-MaxEvents <Int32>]
           [-Path <String>] [-ProviderName <String>] [-LogName <String>]
           [-Force] [-Verbose] [-ErrorAction <Action>] [-ErrorVariable <String>]
           [-WarningAction <Action>] [-WarningVariable <String>]
           [-OutBuffer <Int32>] [-OutVariable <String>]


-Filter: Provides a complex event filtering mechanism. Supports WQL queries for advanced filtering based on event properties.

-Limit: Specifies the maximum number of events to retrieve. Defaults to 1000.

-MaxEvents: Limits the number of events retrieved per log or provider.

-Path: Specifies the specific event log or provider to search.

-ProviderName: Filters events by provider name.

-LogName: Filters events by log name.

-Force: Suppresses confirmation prompts when deleting events.

-Verbose: Provides detailed output, displaying additional event information.

-ErrorAction: Specifies how errors are handled during the operation.

-ErrorVariable: Stores any encountered errors in the specified variable.

-WarningAction: Specifies how warnings are handled during the operation.

-WarningVariable: Stores any encountered warnings in the specified variable.

-OutBuffer: Specifies the maximum number of events to buffer in memory before writing to output.

-OutVariable: Stores the event objects in the specified variable.


Example 1: Retrieve all events from the System log

Get-WinEvent -LogName System

Example 2: Filter events by time range and message text

Get-WinEvent -Filter "EventID=100 AND TimeCreated>='2023-01-01' AND TimeCreated<='2023-01-31' AND Message LIKE '%User logged on%'"

Example 3: Limit the number of events retrieved from the Security log

Get-WinEvent -LogName Security -Limit 50

Common Issues

  • Missing event logs: Ensure that the desired event logs are enabled and configured to record events.
  • Authorization errors: Run PowerShell as an administrator to access event logs.
  • Complex filters: Use the Test-Path cmdlet to validate complex filters before executing Get-WinEvent.


  • Export events: Combine with Export-WinEvent to export events to a text or XML file.
  • Event subscription: Use Register-WinEvent to subscribe to specific events and receive notifications.
  • Log analysis: Process and analyze event data using PowerShell scripts and external tools.
  • New-WinEvent: Creates new Windows events.
  • Test-Path: Tests the validity of event log paths and filters.
  • Where-Object: Filters events based on specified criteria.
  • Foreach-Object: Loops through retrieved events for further processing.