Get WebApplicationMonitoringStatus - PowerShell


Get-WebApplicationMonitoringStatus retrieves the monitoring status of a specific web application. This command provides information about whether monitoring is currently enabled or disabled, the last time the monitoring configuration was modified, and the monitoring plan assigned to the web application.


Get-WebApplicationMonitoringStatus [-Name] <String> [-ResourceGroupName] <String> [-WebsiteName] <String> [<CommonParameters>]


| Option | Description | Default|
| -Name | Name of the web application to get the monitoring status of. | |
| -ResourceGroupName | Name of the resource group containing the web application. | |
| -WebsiteName | Name of the website containing the web application. | |


Example 1: Get monitoring status of a web application

Get-WebApplicationMonitoringStatus -Name mywebapp -ResourceGroupName myresourcegroup -WebsiteName mywebsite

Example 2: Check if monitoring is enabled

if (Get-WebApplicationMonitoringStatus -Name mywebapp -ResourceGroupName myresourcegroup -WebsiteName mywebsite).MonitoringEnabled) {
  Write-Host "Monitoring is enabled"

Common Issues

Error: The specified web application does not exist.

  • Ensure the web application name is correct and that it exists in the specified resource group and website.


Example: Disable monitoring for all web applications in a resource group

Get-WebApplications -ResourceGroupName myresourcegroup | ForEach-Object {
  Get-WebApplicationMonitoringStatus -Name $_.Name -ResourceGroupName myresourcegroup -WebsiteName $_.WebsiteName | Set-WebApplicationMonitoringStatus -MonitoringEnabled $false