Get Uiculture - PowerShell


The Get-Uiculture command in PowerShell retrieves information about the current user interface culture. This culture includes the language, country, and other settings that determine how applications and user interfaces display text, currency, and other culturally-specific information. This command is useful for managing and troubleshooting user interface localization and accessibility settings.


Get-Uiculture [[-Name] <string>]


  • Name: Specifies the name of the culture to retrieve information about. If omitted, the current user interface culture is retrieved.


  • Get the current user interface culture:
  • Get the culture for a specific language:
Get-Uiculture -Name en-US

Common Issues

  • Misconfigured culture settings: If the user interface culture is not set correctly, it can lead to incorrect or confusing display of text, currency, or other cultural data.
  • Inconsistent cultures: If different applications use different cultures, it can result in a disjointed or inconsistent user experience.


  • Set-Culture: To change the current user interface culture, use the Set-Culture command.
  • Invoke-Expression: To set the user interface culture dynamically based on a script or variable, use the Invoke-Expression command.