Get Tpm - PowerShell


The Get-Tpm command retrieves information about the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) installed on the local system. It provides details about the TPM’s status, configuration, and capabilities.


Get-Tpm [-ComputerName <string>] [-All] [-Version <int>]


  • -ComputerName: Specifies the remote computer to retrieve TPM information from.
  • -All: Retrieves all available TPM information, including detailed key and binding information.
  • -Version: Filters TPM information by the specified version. Valid values are 1.2 and 2.0.


Example 1: Get basic TPM information


Example 2: Get detailed TPM information

Get-Tpm -All

Example 3: Get TPM version 2.0 information

Get-Tpm -Version 2.0

Common Issues

  • Permission Denied: Ensure you have sufficient permissions on the local or remote computer to retrieve TPM information.
  • TPM Not Found: Verify that a TPM is installed and enabled on the system.


The Get-Tpm command can be integrated with other PowerShell commands for more complex tasks. For example:

Get-Tpm | Export-CSV -Path 'TPMInfo.csv'