Get StartApps - PowerShell


The Get-StartApps command in PowerShell retrieves information about applications marked as “start apps” in Windows Settings. These are applications that are launched during the user session, before the user logs in.


Get-StartApps [-ComputerName] <string> [-Credential] <PSCredential> [-OnlyCurrent] [-OutFormat] <string> [-OutVariable] <string>


  • ComputerName: Specifies the remote computer to connect to. By default, the local computer is used.
  • Credential: Accepts a PSCredential object for specifying credentials when connecting to a remote computer.
  • OnlyCurrent: Defaults to $false. When set to $true, retrieves the start apps settings for the current user. Otherwise, the settings for all users are returned.
  • OutFormat: Specifies the output format. Valid values are List, Table, Detailed, and Wide. Defaults to Table.
  • OutVariable: Stores the command output in a specified variable.


Get the start apps for the local computer:


Get the start apps for all users on a remote computer:

Get-StartApps -ComputerName remotecomputer -OnlyCurrent $false

Get the start apps in a wide table format:

Get-StartApps -OutFormat Wide

Common Issues

  • No start apps are returned: The -OnlyCurrent parameter may be set to $true, even if the command is run as an administrator. To retrieve the start apps for all users, use -OnlyCurrent $false.
  • Permission denied when connecting to a remote computer: Ensure that the user account has sufficient permissions to access the registry settings on the remote computer.


The Get-StartApps command can be combined with other PowerShell commands to automate tasks related to start apps management. For example, you can use the Export-StartApps command to export the start apps settings to a file, and the Import-StartApps command to import the settings from a file.

  • Add-StartApps
  • Export-StartApps
  • Import-StartApps
  • Remove-StartApps