Get SmbShare - PowerShell


Get-SmbShare provides detailed information about SMB shares on a remote server. It allows administrators to inspect share properties, permissions, and other settings, helping manage and troubleshoot SMB file sharing environments.


Get-SmbShare [[-Name] <String>] [[-Path] <String>] [[-Server] <String>] [[-Credential] <PSCredential>] [[-OutVariable] <String>] [[-ErrorAction] <String>] [[-ErrorVariable] <String>] [[-WarningAction] <String>] [[-WarningVariable] <String>] [[-InformationAction] <String>] [[-InformationVariable] <String>] [[-DebugAction] <String>] [[-DebugVariable] <String>] [[-Verbose] <Boolean>] [[-Confirm] <Boolean>] [[-WhatIf] <Boolean>]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -Name | Name of the SMB share to get | |
| -Path | Path to the SMB share | |
| -Server | Server hosting the SMB share | Current server |
| -Credential | Credentials for accessing the share | Current user |
| -OutVariable | Variable to store the SMB share object | |
| -ErrorAction | Action to take on errors | Stop |
| -ErrorVariable | Variable to store errors | $Error |
| -WarningAction | Action to take on warnings | Inquire |
| -WarningVariable | Variable to store warnings | $Warning |
| -InformationAction | Action to take on information messages | Output |
| -InformationVariable | Variable to store information messages | $Information |
| -DebugAction | Action to take on debug messages | Output |
| -DebugVariable | Variable to store debug messages | $Debug |
| -Verbose | Enable verbose output | False |
| -Confirm | Prompt for confirmation before executing | False |
| -WhatIf | Show what would happen without executing | False |


Get information about a specific share

Get-SmbShare -Name SharedFolder

Get information about all shares on a server

Get-SmbShare -Server RemoteServer

Export share information to a variable

$ShareInfo = Get-SmbShare -Name SharedFolder

Common Issues

Access denied

Ensure that the provided credentials have sufficient permissions to access the SMB share.

Invalid server name

Verify that the specified server name is valid and accessible.

Share not found

Check if the SMB share exists on the specified server and has the correct name.


Get-SmbShare can be integrated with other PowerShell commands to automate SMB share management tasks. For instance, you can use it with Set-SmbShare to modify share permissions or New-SmbShare to create new shares.

  • New-SmbShare
  • Set-SmbShare
  • Remove-SmbShare