Get Service - PowerShell


Get-Service retrieves and displays information about Windows services, including their status, startup type, and display name. It allows for management and monitoring of services.


Get-Service [-Name] <ServiceNames> [[-Status] <ServiceStatus>] [-ComputerName <ComputerNames>] [-DisplayName] [-All] [-IncludeDependentServices] [[-IncludeStartupType] <ServiceStartupType>] [-ShowDependencies]


  • -Name: Specifies the name of the service to retrieve information about.
  • -Status: Filters results based on service status. Accepts values like Running, Stopped, or Paused.
  • -ComputerName: Retrieves information about services running on the specified remote computer.
  • -DisplayName: Includes the service display name in the output.
  • -All: Retrieves all services on the local or remote computer.
  • -IncludeDependentServices: Displays services that are dependent on the specified service.
  • -IncludeStartupType: Filters results based on service startup type. Accepts values like Automatic, Manual, or Disabled.
  • -ShowDependencies: Includes a list of dependencies for each service.


  • Retrieve information about a specific service:
Get-Service -Name "Windows Firewall"
  • List all running services:
Get-Service -Status Running
  • Check service status on another computer:
Get-Service -ComputerName "Server1" -Name "SQL Server"
  • Display service display names:
Get-Service -DisplayName
  • Retrieve information about all services and their dependencies:
Get-Service -All -ShowDependencies

Common Issues

  • Error: Service not found: Ensure that the service name is correct and the service is installed and running on the system.
  • Access Denied: Insufficient permissions to access service information. Run PowerShell as an administrator or grant the necessary permissions.


Get-Service can be integrated with other commands for advanced tasks, such as:

  • Starting, stopping, or restarting a service: Start-Service, Stop-Service, Restart-Service
  • Modifying service properties: Set-Service
  • Creating or deleting a service: New-Service, Remove-Service
  • Set-Service: Configures service properties.
  • Restart-Service: Restarts a specified service.
  • Start-Service: Starts a stopped service.
  • Stop-Service: Stops a running service.