Get PsSnapin - PowerShell


Get-PsSnapin retrieves all the PowerShell snap-ins that have been loaded into the current PowerShell session. Snap-ins extend the functionality of PowerShell by providing access to additional commands, providers, and other resources.


Get-PsSnapin [-Name] <string[]>


  • -Name: Filter the results to only include snap-ins with the specified names. Multiple names can be comma-separated.


Example 1: Get All Snap-ins


Example 2: Get Snap-in by Name

Get-PsSnapin -Name "Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility"

Common Issues

Error: The snap-in ‘MySnapIn’ could not be found.

This error occurs when the specified snap-in is not loaded into the current session. To resolve, use the Import-Module cmdlet to import the snap-in before using Get-PsSnapin.


Get-PsSnapin can be used in combination with other commands to manage and troubleshoot snap-ins:

  • Import-Module: Import and load a snap-in.
  • Remove-PsSnapin: Unload a snap-in from the session.
  • Get-Module: Retrieves information about PowerShell modules.
  • Get-Command: Lists all commands available in the current session, including those provided by snap-ins.