Get Printer - PowerShell


The Get-Printer command retrieves details about printers installed on a local or remote computer. It is particularly useful for managing printing devices, monitoring their status, and troubleshooting any issues.


Get-Printer [-ComputerName <ComputerName>] [-Name <Name>] [-Property <Property>] [-JobID <JobID>] [-All]


  • -ComputerName: Specifies the name of the remote computer to check.
  • -Name: Filters the results to only include printers with the specified name.
  • -Property: Lists specific printer properties to retrieve.
  • -JobID: Filters the results to only include printers with the specified job ID.
  • -All: Displays all available printer properties.


Get information about all printers:


Get the properties of a specific printer:

Get-Printer -Name "HP LaserJet P1102w"

Retrieve the printer status:

Get-Printer -Property Status

Filter printers by job ID:

Get-Printer -JobID 12345

Common Issues

  • Printer not found: The printer may not be connected or properly installed.
  • Access denied: You may not have sufficient permissions to access printer information.
  • Unknown property: The specified property is not a valid printer property.


The Get-Printer command can be integrated with other PowerShell commands for advanced tasks. For example:

Get-Printer | where-object {$_.Status -eq "Idle"} | Send-MailMessage -To "" -Subject "Idle Printers"
  • Set-Printer: Modifies printer settings.
  • Remove-Printer: Removes a printer from the system.
  • Add-Printer: Adds a printer to the system.