Get NetIPInterface - PowerShell


Get-NetIPInterface retrieves information about the network interfaces (NICs) installed on a computer, including their IP addresses, MAC addresses, and other properties. It provides a comprehensive view of the computer’s network configuration, enabling administrators to troubleshoot connectivity issues and manage network settings effectively.


Get-NetIPInterface [-Name] <String> [-InterfaceAlias] <String> [-IncludeHidden] [-ExcludeFriendlyName] [-TcpipClientAddress]


  • -Name <String>: Specifies the display name of the network interface.
  • -InterfaceAlias <String>: Filters the results by the network interface alias.
  • -IncludeHidden <Boolean>: Includes hidden interfaces in the results. Default: $false.
  • -ExcludeFriendlyName <Boolean>: Removes the friendly name from the output. Default: $false.
  • -TcpipClientAddress <Boolean>: Includes TCP/IP client addresses in the results. Default: $false.


Example 1: List all network interfaces


Example 2: Get information about a specific interface (by name)

Get-NetIPInterface -Name "Ethernet"

Example 3: Exclude friendly name from output

Get-NetIPInterface -ExcludeFriendlyName

Example 4: Include TCP/IP client addresses

Get-NetIPInterface -TcpipClientAddress

Common Issues

  • Missing network interfaces: Ensure that the target computer has network interfaces installed and configured.
  • Insufficient permissions: Run PowerShell with elevated privileges to access all network interfaces.
  • Outdated NIC drivers: Ensure that NIC drivers are up to date to avoid potential issues.


Combine with other PowerShell commands:

  • Get-NetConnectionProfile: Retrieve information about network connection profiles.
  • Set-NetIPInterface: Modify network interface properties.

Advanced scenarios:

  • Automate network interface management tasks by integrating Get-NetIPInterface into scripts.
  • Use it as part of troubleshooting network connectivity issues in enterprise environments.
  • [Get-NetAdapter]
  • [Get-NetAdapterBinding]
  • [Set-NetIPInterface]
  • [New-NetIPInterface]