Get NetIPConfiguration - PowerShell


Get-NetIPConfiguration retrieves the Internet Protocol (IP) configuration for network interfaces on the local computer or remote computers. It provides detailed information about the IP addresses, gateways, and DNS servers assigned to the interfaces.


Get-NetIPConfiguration [-InterfaceAlias <String[]>] [-InterfaceIndex <UInt32[]>] [-InterfaceName <String[]>] [-Gateway] [-DNS] [-IPv4Address] [-IPv6Address] [-IgnoreDhcpScope] [-SkipSetBasedFiltering] [-ComputerName <String>] [<CommonParameters>]


  • -InterfaceAlias: Specifies the friendly name of the network interface.
  • -InterfaceIndex: Specifies the numeric index of the network interface.
  • -InterfaceName: Specifies the PowerShell name of the network interface.
  • -Gateway: Retrieves the default gateway for the interface.
  • -DNS: Retrieves the DNS servers for the interface.
  • -IPv4Address: Retrieves the IPv4 addresses for the interface.
  • -IPv6Address: Retrieves the IPv6 addresses for the interface.
  • -IgnoreDhcpScope: Ignores the DHCP scope when retrieving IP configurations.
  • -SkipSetBasedFiltering: Skips applying filter sets to the output.
  • -ComputerName: Specifies the remote computer to retrieve IP configurations from.


Example 1: Get All IP Configurations


Example 2: Get IPv4 Addresses for Specific Interface

Get-NetIPConfiguration -InterfaceAlias "Ethernet" -IPv4Address

Common Issues

  • No Interface Found: Verify that the provided interface name, index, or alias is correct.
  • Access Denied: Ensure you have sufficient permissions to retrieve IP configurations.
  • Incorrect Format: Check that the command syntax is used correctly and all parameters are in the appropriate format.


Get-NetIPConfiguration can be combined with other commands to perform complex tasks:

# Get the IPv6 addresses for all network interfaces
Get-NetIPConfiguration -IPv6Address | Select-Object InterfaceAlias, IPv6Address
  • Get-NetAdapter: Retrieves general information about network interfaces.
  • Get-NetIPAddress: Retrieves IP addresses and their associated interfaces.
  • New-NetIPAddress: Creates new IP addresses on network interfaces.