Get NetConnectionProfile - PowerShell


Get-NetConnectionProfile retrieves information about the active network connection profiles on a computer. It provides details such as the profile names, connection statuses, and network adapter details.


Get-NetConnectionProfile [-Name] <string[]>


  • -Name: Specifies the name of the specific network connection profile to retrieve information about. If omitted, information about all active profiles is returned.


Get information about all active network connection profiles:


Get information about a specific network connection profile:

Get-NetConnectionProfile -Name "MyNetworkProfile"

Get information about multiple network connection profiles:

Get-NetConnectionProfile -Name "MyNetworkProfile", "OtherNetworkProfile"

Common Issues

  • Profile not found: If the specified network connection profile name does not exist, an error will be returned.
  • Access denied: If the current user does not have sufficient privileges to access network connection profile information, an error will be returned.


Combine with Get-NetIPInterface: Retrieve additional network interface details associated with the connection profiles.

Get-NetConnectionProfile | Get-NetIPInterface

Use in a script: Automate network management tasks by using Get-NetConnectionProfile to gather connection information.

$profiles = Get-NetConnectionProfile
if ($profiles.Count -eq 0) {
    Write-Warning "No active network connection profiles found."
else {
    foreach ($profile in $profiles) {
        Write-Output "Profile Name: $profile.Name"
        Write-Output "Status: $profile.Status"
  • New-NetConnectionProfile: Creates a new network connection profile.
  • Remove-NetConnectionProfile: Deletes an existing network connection profile.
  • Set-NetConnectionProfile: Modifies an existing network connection profile.