Get Module - PowerShell


Get-Module is a fundamental PowerShell command that retrieves information about loaded modules. It enables the exploration and management of modules within the current PowerShell session, facilitating efficient PowerShell script development and execution.


Get-Module [-ListAvailable] [-Name] [-RequiredVersion] [-Script]


  • -ListAvailable: Lists all available modules, even those not currently loaded.
  • -Name: Filters the output to only show modules matching the specified name pattern. Accepts wildcards (*).
  • -RequiredVersion: Filters the output to only show modules that meet the specified minimum version requirement.
  • -Script: Displays information about script modules loaded in the current session.


# List all loaded modules

# List all available modules
Get-Module -ListAvailable

# Filter modules by name
Get-Module -Name PowerShell*

# Check the version of a specific module
Get-Module -Name PSSession | Format-Table Name, Version

Common Issues

  • Module not found: Ensure the module is installed and loaded before attempting to use it. Use Import-Module or specify the -Script parameter to load script modules.
  • Access denied: If encountering permission issues, try running the command from an elevated PowerShell session (run as administrator).


  • Import-Module: Loads a module into the current session, making its cmdlets, functions, and variables accessible.
  • Remove-Module: Unloads a module from the session, removing its functionality.
  • Command chaining: Combine Get-Module with other commands, such as Format-Table or Export-CSV, to customize and export the module information.