Get Member - PowerShell


The Get-Member cmdlet retrieves the members (properties, methods, events, and fields) of specified objects or object types. This enables you to explore the structure and capabilities of objects and identify their available properties for manipulation. Get-Member is particularly useful for discovering members that may not be immediately apparent, enhancing your understanding of objects and their behavior.


Get-Member [[-InputObject] <object>] [-Name <string>] [-Force] [-Type <type>] [-MemberType <MemberTypes>] [-ErrorAction <Action>] [-ErrorVariable <string>] [-OutBuffer] [-OutVariable <string>] [-Verbose] [-Debug] [-WarningAction <Action>] [-WarningVariable <string>] [<CommonParameters>]


  • -InputObject: Specifies the object whose members you want to retrieve.
  • -Name: Filters members based on a specified name pattern.
  • -Force: Forces the retrieval of members from private and protected assemblies.
  • -Type: Filters members based on the type of object to which they belong.
  • -MemberType: Specifies the type of members to retrieve, such as properties, methods, events, or fields.
  • -ErrorAction: Controls how errors are handled.
  • -ErrorVariable: Stores any errors encountered in a specified variable.
  • -OutBuffer: Collects output into a variable instead of writing it to the console.
  • -OutVariable: Stores the output in a specified variable.
  • -Verbose: Enables verbose output, providing detailed information about the command’s execution.
  • -Debug: Enables debug output, providing extensive details for troubleshooting.
  • -WarningAction: Controls how warnings are handled.
  • -WarningVariable: Stores any warnings encountered in a specified variable.


Example 1: Getting the members of a specific object

PS> Get-Member $computer

Example 2: Filtering members based on name

PS> Get-Member -InputObject $computer -Name *Memory*

Example 3: Retrieving members from a specific type

PS> Get-Member -Type Process

Example 4: Displaying only properties

PS> Get-Member -InputObject $computer -MemberType Property

Common Issues

  • If you receive “Method invocation failed because… access is denied,” ensure that you have sufficient permissions to access the members of the object.
  • If you encounter “Could not be loaded because of errors,” ensure that the object’s assembly is properly referenced and not corrupted.


Get-Member integrates well with other PowerShell commands and tools. Here are some common examples:

  • Get-Method: Retrieves information about methods from the results of Get-Member.
  • Select-Object: Filters members based on the results of Get-Member.
  • Export-Csv: Exports the results of Get-Member to a CSV file for documentation or further analysis.