Get InitiatorPort - PowerShell


Get-InitiatorPort retrieves information about iSCSI initiator ports installed on Windows computers. iSCSI initiator ports are network interfaces used by computers to communicate with iSCSI targets in order to access block storage devices over an IP network. This command provides details on the port’s configuration, status, and bonding settings.


Get-InitiatorPort [-Name] <string> -ComputerName <string>


| Option | Effect |
| -Name | Specifies the name of the initiator port to retrieve information about. If not specified, all ports are returned. |
| -ComputerName | Specifies the name of the remote computer where the initiator ports are located. Defaults to the local computer. |


Example 1: Get all initiator ports on the local computer


Example 2: Get a specific initiator port on a remote computer

Get-InitiatorPort -Name "MyInitiatorPort" -ComputerName "RemoteComputer"

Common Issues

  • Error: The specified initiator port was not found.
    • Verify that the -Name parameter is correct and that the port exists on the specified computer.
  • Error: Access is denied.
    • Make sure you have sufficient permissions on the remote computer to run the command.


Get-InitiatorPort can be used with other PowerShell commands to manage iSCSI initiator ports. For example, you can use it with:

  • New-InitiatorPort to create a new initiator port.
  • Set-InitiatorPort to modify the configuration of an existing initiator port.
  • Remove-InitiatorPort to delete an initiator port.