Get Event - PowerShell


Get-Event retrieves events raised by PowerShell modules. Event objects contain information about an incident (error, warning, or informational message) that occurred within the scope of the PowerShell session.


Get-Event [-ListSource] [-ListChannel] [-Source <string>] [-Channel <string>]
 [-Skip] [-Count <int>] [-Include] [-Exclude] [-Newest] [-Oldest]


  • -ListSource: Lists the event sources available in the current session.
  • -ListChannel: Lists the event channels available from the specified source.
  • -Source: Filters events based on the specified source name.
  • -Channel: Filters events based on the specified channel name.
  • -Skip: Number of events to skip from the beginning of the collection.
  • -Count: Maximum number of events to retrieve.
  • -Include: Array of event levels to include in the results.
  • -Exclude: Array of event levels to exclude from the results.
  • -Newest: Returns the most recent events first.
  • -Oldest: Returns the oldest events first.


Example 1: Retrieve all events


Example 2: Filter events by level and source

Get-Event -Include Error,Warning -Source Microsoft-PowerShell

Example 3: Retrieve events from a specific channel

Get-Event -Source Microsoft-PowerShell -Channel WinRM

Common Issues

Error: Event not found.
Solution: The specified source or channel may not exist. Ensure the correct names are used.


Combine with Where-Object to filter events based on specific criteria:

Get-Event | Where-Object { $_.Level -eq "Error" }