Get DscConfiguration - PowerShell


Get-DscConfiguration retrieves a Desired State Configuration (DSC) configuration from a specified path or repository. DSC is a framework for managing and configuring systems in a desired state across physical and virtual environments.


Get-DscConfiguration [-Path] <string> [-Definition] <string> [-Repository] <string> [-Name] <string> [-Version] <string> [-Force] [-Credential] <PSCredential> [-ComputerName] <string>


  • -Path: Specifies the local path to the DSC configuration file.
  • -Definition: Accepts a PSCustomObject representing a DSC configuration definition.
  • -Repository: Retrieves the configuration from a specified DSC repository.
  • -Name: Filters the results based on the name of the DSC configuration.
  • -Version: Retrieves a specific version of the DSC configuration.
  • -Force: Overwrites an existing configuration if one exists with the same name.
  • -Credential: Specifies a PSCredential object for authenticating to the repository.
  • -ComputerName: Specifies the remote computer to retrieve the configuration from.


Example 1: Get a DSC configuration from a local path

Get-DscConfiguration -Path "C:\MyDscConfiguration.ps1"

Example 2: Get a DSC configuration from a repository

Get-DscConfiguration -Repository "" -Name "MyConfiguration"

Example 3: Get a specific version of a DSC configuration

Get-DscConfiguration -Repository "" -Name "MyConfiguration" -Version 1.0

Common Issues

  • Ensure the provided path or repository URL is valid and accessible.
  • Specify the version when retrieving a configuration from a repository.
  • Use the -Force parameter to overwrite an existing configuration with the same name.


Get-DscConfiguration can be used with other PowerShell commands to manage DSC configurations. For example:

  • Set-DscConfiguration: Sets a DSC configuration on a target node.
  • Start-DscConfiguration: Starts the DSC configuration on a target node.
  • New-DscConfiguration: Creates a new DSC configuration.
  • Remove-DscConfiguration: Removes a DSC configuration from a target node.
  • DSC documentation