Get AppxPackage - PowerShell


The Get-AppxPackage command retrieves information about Appx (AppX) packages installed on a Windows system. Appx packages contain modern Windows applications that can be installed from the Microsoft Store or sideloaded manually. This command allows you to manage, query, and gather details about these installed packages.


Get-AppxPackage [[-Name] <string>] [[-PackageFullName] <string>] [-AllUsers] [-RegisteredOnly] [-Id] <string> [-ForceRefresh] [-ApiVersion <Version>] [<CommonParameters>]


  • -Name: Specifies the name of the Appx package to retrieve.
  • -PackageFullName: Specifies the full name of the Appx package to retrieve.
  • -AllUsers: Retrieves all Appx packages installed for all users on the system.
  • -RegisteredOnly: Only retrieves registered Appx packages (i.e., those visible in the Start menu or All Apps list).
  • -Id: Specifies the ID of the Appx package to retrieve.
  • -ForceRefresh: Forces the command to refresh the package manifest and package content, even if they were recently retrieved.
  • -ApiVersion: Specifies the API version to use for the command. The default is ‘10.0.10240.0’.


Example 1: Get information about a specific package by name

Get-AppxPackage -Name Microsoft.WindowsCalculator

Example 2: Get all Appx packages installed for the current user


Example 3: Get the full path of an Appx package

(Get-AppxPackage -Name Microsoft.WindowsCalculator).InstallLocation

Common Issues

Issue: The Get-AppxPackage command fails with an error saying the package was not found.

Solution: Ensure that the package name or full name provided is correct. Also, verify that the package is actually installed on the system.

Issue: The Get-AppxPackage command takes a long time to retrieve information.

Solution: Use the -ForceRefresh option to force the command to refresh the package manifest and content. This may take some time for large packages.


The Get-AppxPackage command can be integrated into scripts and automated tasks. It can be used to:

  • Query the system for installed Appx packages.
  • Manage and uninstall unwanted Appx packages.
  • Extract information about Appx packages for reporting or analysis.
  • Add-AppxPackage: Adds a new Appx package to the system.
  • Remove-AppxPackage: Removes an Appx package from the system.
  • Get-AppxPackageManifest: Retrieves the manifest file for an Appx package.