genpolusers - Linux


genpolusers generates a list of potential usernames based on a provided name or word. It combines different parts of the input to create a variety of possibilities, ideal for creating unique and memorable usernames.


genpolusers [NAME/WORD] [OPTIONS]


  • -n, –number: Specify the number of usernames to generate (default: 10)
  • -l, –length: Set the minimum length of usernames to generate (default: 6)
  • -u, –uppercase: Add an uppercase version of each username to the list
  • -p, –prefix: Add a prefix to the generated usernames
  • -s, –suffix: Add a suffix to the generated usernames
  • -d, –delimiter: Specify a delimiter to insert between the prefix, name, and suffix (default: "")


# Generate 15 usernames based on "John":
genpolusers John -n 15

# Generate usernames at least 8 characters long based on "Jane":
genpolusers Jane -l 8

# Create usernames with both uppercase and lowercase versions based on "Alice":
genpolusers Alice -u

# Add a prefix "username_" to the generated usernames:
genpolusers Bob -p username_

# Append a suffix "_123" to the generated usernames:
genpolusers Charlie -s _123

# Use a hyphen as a delimiter to combine prefixes, names, and suffixes:
genpolusers Dave -p user- -s -456 -d -

Common Issues

  • Empty list: Ensure the input name or word is not empty.
  • Invalid characters: Some characters like / and " are not allowed in usernames.
  • Duplicate usernames: The generated list may contain some duplicate usernames. To avoid this, specify a large enough -n value.


Integrate genpolusers with other commands to enhance its functionality:

  • Extract user data: Pipe the output of genpolusers to csvformat to create a CSV file with usernames.
  • Create user accounts: Use xargs useradd to create user accounts based on the generated usernames.

Related Commands

  • whoami: Displays the current user’s username
  • finger: Displays information about users
  • newusers: Creates new user accounts