genpolbools - Linux


genpolbools is a tool for generating boolean operations from a query graph. It takes a query graph, expressed in SQL, and generates a Boolean query expression that represents the same query. Boolean operations are useful for optimizing query performance and making queries more readable and understandable.


genpolbools [options] <query_graph>


  • --help: Prints the help menu and exits.
  • --version: Prints the version number and exits.
  • -f , --format: Specifies the output format of the Boolean expression. Possible values are: sql (default), json.
  • -s , --simplify: Boolean expression will be simplified by removing redundant operations and terms.


Simple Example

genpolbools "SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE a = 1 AND b = 2"


(a = 1) AND (b = 2)

Complex Example

genpolbools "SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE (a = 1 OR b = 2) AND c = 3"


((a = 1) OR (b = 2)) AND (c = 3)

Common Issues

  • Error: Invalid query graph. Make sure that the query graph is a valid SQL query.
  • Error: Boolean expression is too complex. The query graph may be too complex to generate a Boolean expression. Try simplifying the query graph.


genpolbools can be integrated with other Linux commands and tools to create powerful data processing pipelines. For example, it can be used with awk to filter data, or with sed to modify data.

Related Commands

  • sql2bool: Converts a SQL query to a Boolean expression.
  • bool2sql: Converts a Boolean expression to a SQL query.