gdb-add-index - Linux


gdb-add-index is a command used to add index entries to the GNU Debugger (GDB) symbol table. This can be useful for quickly searching for specific functions or variables within a debugged program.


gdb-add-index [-f] [-s <symtab>] <symfile>


  • -f: Force the addition of entries even if a symbol already exists.
  • -s : Specify the symbol table file to use.


Add entries from a symbol file:

gdb-add-index -f /path/to/symbols.txt

Add entries from a specific symbol table file:

gdb-add-index -s /path/to/symtab.bin /path/to/symbols.txt

Common Issues

  • Duplicate entries: If a symbol already exists in the symbol table, the -f flag must be used to force its addition.
  • Invalid symbol table file: Make sure the specified symbol table file is valid and accessible.


gdb-add-index can be used in combination with other GDB commands, such as:

  • gdb: Start GDB and load a program.
  • info symbols: Display the current symbol table.
  • search: Search for specific symbols using the added index entries.

Related Commands

  • addr2line: Convert addresses to source code lines.
  • c++filt: Demangle C++ function names.
  • nm: List symbols in an object file.