ganglia2pcp - Linux


ganglia2pcp is a real-time data acquisition and management tool used for monitoring and managing distributed systems. It effectively bridges the gap between Ganglia, a widely used monitoring system, and PCP (Performance Co-Pilot), a comprehensive performance monitoring framework.


ganglia2pcp [options]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -d, –debuglevel | Set debug level (0-4) | 0 |
| -D, –daemon | Run as a daemon | false |
| -h, –help | Display help information | n/a |
| -i, –interval | Ganglia monitor update interval (seconds) | 10 |
| -L, –listen | Listen IP address | |
| -p, –port | Port number | 8649 |
| -P, –pubsub | PubSub URL (PubSub feature is experimental) | n/a |
| -S, –socket | UNIX socket for Ganglia connection | /var/run/ganglia/gmond.ipc |


Simple monitoring:


Monitoring with specific Ganglia monitor update interval:

ganglia2pcp -i 15

Running as a daemon:

ganglia2pcp -D

Common Issues

  • Unable to connect to Ganglia: Ensure Ganglia is running and that the socket path specified by -S is correct.
  • No metrics collected: Verify that Ganglia monitors are configured to collect the desired metrics.


Combine with PCP tools: Use ganglia2pcp as a data source for PCP tools like pmlogger or pmview.
Use as a collector for Ganglia: Send Ganglia metrics to other systems via PCP’s PubSub mechanism.

Related Commands

  • ganglia: Ganglia monitoring system
  • pmlogger: PCP data logger
  • pmview: PCP performance visualization tool