galera_recovery - Linux


galera_recovery is a powerful utility designed to restore and recover Galera cluster nodes. It leverages the Galera library to efficiently handle complex cluster recovery scenarios, ensuring data integrity and high availability.


galera_recovery [options]


  • –recovery-file: Specifies the recovery file to use. This file is typically generated by the galera cluster during a node failure.
  • –wsrep-recover: Initiates a Galera recovery process. Requires a recovery file.
  • –force-recovery-uuid: Overrides the UUID of the recovery file. Use with caution.
  • –help: Displays help information.


Simple Recovery:

galera_recovery --recovery-file=/tmp/recovery-file.ibtd --wsrep-recover

Forced Recovery with UUID Override:

galera_recovery --recovery-file=/tmp/recovery-file.ibtd --force-recovery-uuid=new-uuid --wsrep-recover

Common Issues

  • Incomplete Recovery: Ensure the recovery file is complete and valid; an incomplete file can lead to unsuccessful recovery.
  • UUID Mismatch: The UUID of the recovery file must match the cluster’s UUID. Use --force-recovery-uuid with caution.


galera_recovery can be integrated with other tools and scripts to automate cluster recovery:

  • File Monitoring: Monitor the generation of recovery files and automatically trigger recovery processes.
  • Cluster Management: Integrate with cluster management tools to handle recovery operations within a broader cluster management context.

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