function::user_ulong - Linux


function::user_ulong is a function that returns the user’s login ID as an unsigned long integer. This function is most commonly used in scripting applications to retrieve information about the current user’s execution environment.




This function does not have any options or flags.


The following example script retrieves the user’s login ID and prints it to the console:



echo "My user ID is: $my_user_id"

Common Issues

There are no known common issues with this function.


function::user_ulong can be integrated with other Linux commands and tools to perform more complex tasks. For example, you could use the function in a script to retrieve the user’s login ID and then use that information to set file permissions or ownership.

Related Commands

  • function::user_id – Returns the user’s login ID as a string.
  • function::user_name – Returns the user’s login name as a string.