function::user_uint32 - Linux


function::user_uint32 is a command-line tool that converts a given decimal integer into its corresponding UTF-32 string representation. It finds application in various programming and scripting scenarios where manipulation of character codes is required.


function::user_uint32 DECIMAL_VALUE

Required Arguments

  • DECIMAL_VALUE: The numerical value to be converted to UTF-32 format.


Convert the decimal value 65 to its UTF-32 representation:

$ function::user_uint32 65

Get the UTF-32 representation for multiple decimal values:

$ function::user_uint32 65 97 115
A a s

Common Issues

  • Invalid Input: Entering a non-decimal value will result in an error. Ensure that you provide a valid decimal integer.

  • Unsupported Decimal Range: The input decimal value must be within the valid UTF-32 range (0 to 4294967295). Exceeding this range will lead to an error.


Combine function::user_uint32 with other commands for advanced tasks:

  • echo: Print the UTF-32 representation directly to the console:
$ function::user_uint32 65 | echo
  • xargs: Convert multiple decimal values to their UTF-32 representations in a loop:
$ seq 65 90 | xargs function::user_uint32

Related Commands

  • function::user_uint16: Converts decimal values to UTF-16 representations.
  • function::user_uint64: Converts decimal values to UTF-64 representations.
  • iconv: A general-purpose character set conversion tool.