function::user_uint16_error - Linux


The function::user_uint16_error command in Linux is a powerful tool for retrieving the error field from a Google Cloud Function RegionSet or LocationSet resource. It allows you to extract the error code and message associated with a Cloud Function resource, providing insights into any configuration or runtime issues.


function::user_uint16_error <RESOURCE_NAME>


  • <RESOURCE_NAME>: The full resource name of the Cloud Function RegionSet or LocationSet. Format: projects/{project}/locations/{region}/functions/{function} or projects/{project}/locations/{location}/functions/{function}




Example 1: Get error details for a RegionSet

function::user_uint16_error projects/my-project/locations/us-central1/functions/my-function-regionset

Example 2: Get error details for a LocationSet

function::user_uint16_error projects/my-project/locations/global/functions/my-function-locationset

Common Issues

  • Error: The resource could not be found.
    • Solution: Ensure the resource name provided is valid and exists in your project.


The function::user_uint16_error command can be used with other Linux commands to automate tasks and gain deeper insights. For example:

  • Combine it with jq to parse the JSON output and extract specific error details, such as:
function::user_uint16_error my-function-resource | jq -r '.error.message'
  • Use it in scripts to monitor the health of Cloud Function deployments and trigger alerts if errors occur.

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