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function::user_string_utf32 is a PHP function that is used to convert a string to UTF-32 encoding. This function is particularly useful when you need to process strings that contain multibyte characters, such as those found in many non-English languages.


function user_string_utf32(string $str): array


  • $str: The string to convert to UTF-32 encoding.

Return Value

The function returns an array of UTF-32 code points representing the input string.


There are no options or flags available for this function.


Simple Example

The following example converts the string "Hello, world!" to UTF-32 encoding:

$str = "Hello, world!";
$utf32 = user_string_utf32($str);

The $utf32 variable will now contain an array of the following UTF-32 code points:

[0] => 72
[1] => 101
[2] => 108
[3] => 108
[4] => 111
[5] => 44
[6] => 32
[7] => 119
[8] => 111
[9] => 114
[10] => 108
[11] => 100
[12] => 33

Complex Example

The following example shows how to use the user_string_utf32 function to convert a string containing multibyte characters to UTF-32 encoding:

$str = "こんにちは世界";
$utf32 = user_string_utf32($str);

The $utf32 variable will now contain an array of the following UTF-32 code points:

[0] => 30572
[1] => 38539
[2] => 12398
[3] => 32
[4] => 35486
[5] => 36215

Common Issues

One common issue that can occur when using the user_string_utf32 function is that the input string may not be valid UTF-8. This can result in the function returning an empty array or an array of incorrect UTF-32 code points. To avoid this issue, ensure that the input string is a valid UTF-8 string before using the user_string_utf32 function.


The user_string_utf32 function can be used in conjunction with other PHP functions to process and manipulate strings. For example, the following code snippet shows how to convert a UTF-8 encoded string to a UTF-32 encoded string and then back to a UTF-8 encoded string:

$str = "Hello, world!";

// Convert the string to UTF-32 encoding
$utf32 = user_string_utf32($str);

// Convert the UTF-32 string back to UTF-8 encoding
$utf8 = user_string_utf8($utf32);

// Output the converted string
echo $utf8;

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