function::user_string_n - Linux


function::user_string_n is a command that generates a string representing a user-defined function of an integer variable n. This function is defined by the user and can be of any complexity.


function::user_string_n <function> <n> [<options>]


  • <function> – user-defined function represented as a string.
  • <n> – variable value.


  • -h, --help – Displays usage.
  • -v, --version – Displays version.


Generate a string for the user-defined function n^2:

function::user_string_n "x^2" 5

Generate a string for a function using a variable in the expression:

function::user_string_n "x + y" 5 -10

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the user-defined function is written correctly as a string.
  • Make sure the provided value for n is compatible with the function.


The generated string can be further used with other tools or commands, such as bc or math.

function::user_string_n "x^2" 5 | bc

Related Commands

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  • bc – Arbitrary precision calculator language.
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