function::user_short_warn - Linux


The user_short_warn function in Linux is used to send a warning message to the given user(s). It is intended primarily for use in automated system administration tasks.


user_short_warn [-w|--warning <warning message>] [-u|--users <user or group>] [-a|--all] [-f|--from <from address>] [-d|--date <date>] [-h|--help]


Specifies the warning message to be sent.

Specifies the user or group to receive the warning message. Can be specified multiple times.

Sends the warning message to all users.

Specifies the sender address.

Specifies the date of the warning message.

Displays the help message and exits.


To send a warning message to the user "bob":

user_short_warn -w "system maintenance scheduled for tomorrow" -u bob

To send a warning message to all users:

user_short_warn -w "important system update required" -a

Common Issues

If the specified user does not exist, the command will fail.


The user_short_warn function can be integrated with other Linux commands and tools to automate system administration tasks. For example, it can be used to send warning messages to users before scheduled system maintenance or updates.

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