function::user_int64_error - Linux


function::user_int64_error is a command used to handle user-defined errors within Google Cloud Functions executed in a Node.js runtime. It’s primarily useful for creating custom error responses, such as returning specific HTTP status codes or error messages.


function::user_int64_error(message: string, httpCode: int, metadata: object)


  • message: The error message to be included in the error response.
  • httpCode: The HTTP status code to be returned in the error response. Defaults to 500 (Internal Server Error).
  • metadata: An optional object containing additional metadata to be included in the error response.


Simple Usage:

const {user_int64_error} = require('firebase-functions/v1');

exports.helloWorld = async (request, response) => {
  const error = user_int64_error('Error occurred', 404);

Custom Metadata:

const error = user_int64_error('Invalid request', 400, {
  errorType: 'validation_error',
  userId: 'user123'

Common Issues

  • Incorrect HTTP Code: Using an invalid or unsupported HTTP status code may result in unexpected behavior or errors.
  • Missing Error Message: Failing to provide an error message will result in a default error message being returned.


Combining with Other Commands:

  • Use function::logger to log error details for debugging.
  • Use function::http to set custom HTTP response headers.

Related Commands

  • function::logger: Logs messages to the Cloud Functions logs.
  • function::http: Handles HTTP requests and responses.