function::ulonglong_arg - Linux


function::ulonglong_arg is a library function used in C++ programming to provide an argument as a 64-bit unsigned long long int in a function call.


std::function<void(unsigned long long)> func;


| Option | Description |
| unsigned long long | The argument type |


// Example 1: Passing a 64-bit unsigned long long int as an argument
#include <iostream>
#include <functional>

void print_ulonglong(unsigned long long n) {
  std::cout << "The number is: " << n << std::endl;

int main() {
  std::function<void(unsigned long long)> func = print_ulonglong;
  return 0;


The number is: 1234567890123456789

Common Issues

  • Make sure that the argument passed to the function matches the type specified in the std::function declaration. Passing an argument of the wrong type will result in a compilation error.
  • Avoid using function::ulonglong_arg for performance-critical code, as it involves additional overhead compared to direct function calls.


function::ulonglong_arg can be used in conjunction with other lambda functions and function objects to create complex and flexible code pipelines. For instance, it can be used to pass 64-bit unsigned long long int values to algorithms that take function objects as parameters.

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