function::uint_arg - Linux


uint_arg is a command-line tool used to calculate the unsigned 32-bit integer argument of a function pointer. This argument is often required when invoking a function through a pointer in C programming.


uint_arg <function pointer>

where <function pointer> is the address of the function to analyze.


  • -h, –help
    • Display a help message and exit.


Simple usage:

$ uint_arg 0x08048520

Complex usage:

$ uint_arg `objdump -t main | grep '<main>' | cut -d ' ' -f 1`

Common Issues

  • Invalid function pointer: Ensure the provided function pointer is valid and points to a valid function in memory.
  • Misaligned function pointer: The function pointer should be aligned to the size of the pointer on the target platform.


uint_arg can be combined with other commands to automate tasks:

# Print the function argument of the first function in an ELF file
objdump -t file.elf | grep '<main>' | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | uint_arg

Related Commands

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  • c++filt: Demangle C++ function names.