function::tz_name - Linux


tz_name extracts the abbreviated timezone name from a POSIX extended timestamp. It is commonly used to display the timezone abbreviation in human-readable formats, such as "EST" or "PST".




  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information.
  • -a, –abbreviated: Show the abbreviated time zone name (default).
  • -l, –long: Show the full time zone name.
  • -o, –offset: Show the time zone offset from UTC in hours and minutes.


Example 1: Display Abbreviated Time Zone Name

$ tz_name 1669855600

Example 2: Display Full Time Zone Name

$ tz_name -l 1669855600
Pacific Standard Time

Example 3: Display Time Zone Offset

$ tz_name -o 1669855600

Common Issues

  • Invalid Timestamp: Ensure the timestamp provided is a valid POSIX extended timestamp.
  • Unknown Time Zone: If the time zone cannot be identified from the timestamp, "UNKNOWN" will be returned.


  • Date Manipulation: Combine with date to convert timestamps to human-readable formats with time zone information.
  • Logging and Monitoring: Use in scripts or monitoring tools to record time zone information alongside events.

Related Commands

  • date: Manipulates and displays time and date information.
  • zdump: Dumps time zone information from the system’s time zone database.