function::tid - Linux


The tid command extracts the thread ID (tid) from a given pid. This is useful for identifying specific threads within a running process, which is crucial for debugging, performance analysis, and various system monitoring tasks.




  • -a: Display all threads for the given PID. By default, only the main thread is shown.
  • -h: Display usage information.
  • -v: Enable verbose output, including additional information about the threads.


Display thread ID of the main thread:

tid 1234

Display all threads of a process:

tid -a 1234

Extract thread ID and display detailed information:

tid -v 1234

Common Issues

  • Incorrect PID: Ensure the specified PID is valid and belongs to an existing process.
  • Permission denied: If you receive a "Permission denied" error, make sure you have sufficient permissions to access the process information.


  • Process monitoring: Use tid with other process monitoring tools like top or ps to analyze thread behavior.
  • Debugging: Use tid to attach a debugger to a specific thread within a process.
  • Profiling: Extract thread IDs to profile specific areas of a process using tools like perf or gprof.

Related Commands

  • top: Display information about running processes and threads.
  • ps: Display information about running processes.
  • strace: Trace system calls made by a process or thread.
  • gdb: Debugger for C and C++ programs.