function::tcpmib_remote_addr - Linux


The tcpmib_remote_addr command provides information about the IP address of the remote endpoint of a TCP connection. It can be used for debugging and monitoring network connections.


tcpmib_remote_addr [--numeric] pid


| Flag | Description |
| -n, --numeric | Print the IP address in numeric format (default: no) |


Display the remote IP address of a TCP connection with PID 1234:

tcpmib_remote_addr 1234

Display the remote IP address in numeric format:

tcpmib_remote_addr --numeric 1234

Common Issues

  • The command may fail with "Permission denied" if you do not have sufficient permissions to access the process with the given PID.


The tcpmib_remote_addr command can be combined with other tools for advanced tasks, such as:

  • Use with awk, grep, or other filters to process the output for specific information.
  • Integrate into scripts for automated network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Related Commands

  • tcpdump – Capture and analyze network traffic
  • netstat – Display network statistics and connections