function::tcpmib_get_state - Linux


tcpmib_get_state is a command-line utility used to retrieve the current state of TCP/IP connectivity from the Linux networking stack. It provides detailed information about TCP connection statistics, specific socket states, and various TCP/IP networking metrics.


tcpmib_get_state [options]


  • -i, --interface: Specify the network interface to inspect.
  • -p, --port: Retrieve state information for a specific port number.
  • -s, --socket: Display statistics for a particular socket state (e.g., ESTABLISHED, CLOSED).
  • -a, --all: Show information for all active TCP connections.
  • -v, --verbose: Enable verbose output, providing more detailed statistics.
  • -h, --help: Print usage information and exit.


Get overall TCP/IP connection statistics:


Retrieve information for specific ports:

tcpmib_get_state -p 80
tcpmib_get_state -p 443 -v

Filter results by socket state:

tcpmib_get_state -s ESTABLISHED
tcpmib_get_state -s CLOSED -i eth0

Display information for all active TCP connections:

tcpmib_get_state -a

Common Issues

  • Incorrect interface: If the specified interface is not active, the command will not provide accurate results.
  • Invalid port number: Port numbers must be within the valid range (0-65535).
  • Permission denied: The command requires root privileges to access network statistics.


tcpmib_get_state can be integrated with other commands or scripts for advanced network analysis and monitoring. For example:

  • Combining with netstat: tcpmib_get_state -a | netstat -an
  • Parsing output with Python: import subprocess; subprocess.check_output("tcpmib_get_state -a")

Related Commands

  • netstat: Display network connections, routing tables, and interface statistics.
  • ss: More advanced tool for inspecting TCP/IP connections and sockets.
  • ifconfig: Configure and display network interface parameters.