function::task_tid - Linux


task_tid is a Linux command that returns the Thread ID (TID) of a running process. It is a valuable tool for debugging and monitoring threads, as it allows users to identify specific threads and track their activities. The command is most effectively used in conjunction with other process management and monitoring tools.


task_tid <pid>


  • pid is the process ID (PID) of the process whose thread ID you want to obtain.


task_tid has no options or flags.


Getting the TID of a specific thread:

task_tid 1234

Finding the TID of all threads in a process:

pgrep -f <process_name> | xargs -n 1 task_tid

Common Issues

Insufficient permissions: If you do not have sufficient permissions to access the process, task_tid will return an error. Ensure that you have the required privileges to use the command.

Invalid PID: If the provided PID does not correspond to a running process, task_tid will return an error. Double-check the PID before using the command.


task_tid can be integrated with other Linux tools for advanced tasks:

  • top -p -H -d 1: Monitor the threads in a process, along with their TIDs, using top.
  • pstree -p : Display a hierarchical tree of threads within a process, including their TIDs.

Related Commands

  • pstree: Display a visual tree of processes and threads.
  • top: Monitor system processes.
  • ps: Display information about running processes.

For further information, refer to the Linux kernel documentation and the procfs documentation.