function::task_start_time - Linux


The task_start_time command displays the start time of a specified process or group of processes. It is commonly used for performance profiling, debugging, and analysis.


task_start_time [options] [pid]...


  • -c <cmd>: Filter by process command name.
  • -h: Display usage information.
  • -t <time>: Filter by process start time (in seconds since epoch).
  • -u <user>: Filter by process user ID.


Print start time of process 1234:

task_start_time 1234

Filter by process command name:

task_start_time -c bash

Filter by process start time:

task_start_time -t 1660472000

Filter by process user ID:

task_start_time -u 1000

Common Issues

No output:

  • Ensure that the pid specified is valid.
  • Check if the process is still running.

Incomplete or inaccurate start times:

  • The start time displayed may be approximate due to limitations in the kernel’s timekeeping mechanisms.


task_start_time can be used in combination with other commands for advanced analysis:

  • ps: Get details about running processes, including their start times.
  • date: Convert start time values from seconds since epoch to human-readable dates.
  • awk/grep: Filter and manipulate the output for specific information.

Related Commands

  • ps: Display information about running processes.
  • pgrep: Search for processes by name.
  • strace: Trace system calls made by a process.