function::task_prio - Linux


function::task_prio is a Linux command used to manipulate the priority of system tasks. It allows users to specify the priority level of specific tasks, ensuring that critical or time-sensitive tasks are handled promptly.


function::task_prio <command> [options] <pid> <prio>


  • -a: Apply the priority change to all threads within a task.


  • Set the priority of task with PID 1234 to high:
function::task_prio set 1234 5
  • Set the priority of all threads in task with PID 1234 to low:
function::task_prio set -a 1234 10

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure you have sufficient privileges to modify task priorities (typically root or sudo).
  • Invalid PID: Verify that the provided PID is valid and refers to an existing task.
  • Priority out of range: Priority values must be between 1 (highest) and 140 (lowest).


function::task_prio can be used in conjunction with other Linux commands for advanced task management. For example:

  • Prioritize a command: Execute a command with a specified priority:
sudo function::task_prio exec 5 /usr/bin/script
  • Monitor task priorities: Use ps -eo pri,pid,comm to display the priority, PID, and command name of running tasks.

Related Commands

  • nice: Adjust the nice value (scheduling priority) of a process.
  • ps: Display information about running processes.
  • top: Monitor system performance and view task priorities.