function::task_parent - Linux


The task_parent command displays the parent process ID of the specified task or process. It’s a useful tool for debugging and analyzing process relationships in Linux systems.


task_parent <pid>


  • <pid>: The process ID (PID) of the process whose parent you want to find.


No options or flags are available for this command.


To find the parent process of a running process with PID 12345:

task_parent 12345

This will print the PID of the parent process, e.g.:


Common Issues

  • Permission denied: If you don’t have sufficient permissions to access the process information, you may receive a "permission denied" error.
  • Invalid PID: If you specify an invalid PID, the command will return an error message.


The task_parent command can be used with other process-related commands, such as ps and top, to gather additional information about processes and their relationships.

Related Commands

  • ps: Shows the running processes.
  • top: Provides a real-time overview of the system’s processes.
  • pstree: Displays a hierarchical tree of processes.