function::task_ns_tid - Linux


The function::task_ns_tid command provides a mechanism to obtain the thread ID (TID) for a given task namespace (NS). It is commonly used in debugging and memory management scenarios to identify and operate on specific kernel tasks or threads.


function::task_ns_tid <namespace_name>


  • namespace_name: The name of the task namespace whose TID you want to retrieve.


This command does not have any options or flags.


1. Getting TID for the "init" Task Namespace:

function::task_ns_tid init

2. TID for a Custom Namespace Named "my_ns":

function::task_ns_tid my_ns

Common Issues

  • Namespace Not Found: If the specified task namespace does not exist, the command will return an error. Ensure that the namespace exists before using this command.
  • Permission Denied: If the user does not have sufficient privileges to access the task namespace, the command will fail with a permission denied error. Check user permissions and escalate if necessary.


function::task_ns_tid can be combined with other commands to perform advanced tasks:

  • With ps: To display thread information for a specific task namespace:
function::task_ns_tid my_ns | xargs ps -T
  • With top: To monitor thread activity within a task namespace:
function::task_ns_tid my_ns | xargs top -H -p

Related Commands

  • taskset: Manipulate CPU affinity of tasks
  • nsenter: Enter another user namespace
  • /proc/tid: Linux file system for obtaining thread information