function::task_ns_gid - Linux


The task_ns_gid command in Linux allows you to retrieve the namespace identifier (NSID) of a task group’s namespace for user namespace mappings. It is commonly used in the context of Linux namespaces, which isolate various resources within the system.


task_ns_gid <PID>


  • <PID> is the process ID of the task group whose user namespace NSID you want to retrieve.


This command does not have any options or flags.


To retrieve the namespace identifier for the user namespace of a task group with the PID "9724":

task_ns_gid 9724

Common Issues

The command may fail with an error if you do not have the necessary permissions to access the specified task group. Ensure that you have the appropriate privileges, such as root access, before running the command.


task_ns_gid can be combined with other Linux commands to perform more complex tasks. For instance, you can use it along with the lsns command to list all the namespaces associated with a specific process:

lsns | grep user | awk '{print $2}' | xargs -n1 task_ns_gid

This command will list the NSID of all user namespaces associated with the current process.

Related Commands

  • setns(): Sets the namespace of the calling process.
  • unshare(2): Creates a new namespace.
  • nsenter(1): Changes the namespace of the calling process to the specified namespace.