function::task_ns_euid - Linux


task_ns_euid is a Linux command used to obtain the effective user ID (euid) of a process within a specified task namespace. Task namespaces isolate processes from each other, allowing them to have different views of the system, including their own unique euids.


task_ns_euid [-h|--help] <pid> <nspid>


  • -h, –help: Display usage information and exit.


  • Get the euid of a process within its own task namespace:
task_ns_euid 1234 1234
  • Get the euid of a process in a different task namespace:
task_ns_euid 1235 1236

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure you have sufficient permissions to access the process’s task namespace.
  • Invalid pid or nspid: Verify that the provided process ID (pid) and namespace ID (nspid) are valid.
  • Process not in namespace: Check that the specified process is indeed part of the specified task namespace.


  • ps: Use task_ns_euid with ps to display the effective user IDs of processes within different task namespaces.
  • userns_get_euid: Use task_ns_euid to set the euid of a process in a specific user namespace via userns_get_euid.

Related Commands

  • getuid: Get real user ID.
  • geteuid: Get effective user ID.
  • setns: Enter a specified namespace.