function::task_ns_egid - Linux


function::task_ns_egid is a Linux kernel function that returns the effective group ID (EGID) of the calling thread’s namespace.


pid_t function::task_ns_egid(struct task_struct *task);


This function takes a single argument:

  • task: The task_struct of the thread whose EGID is to be retrieved.


#include <linux/sched.h>

pid_t get_thread_egid(struct task_struct *task) {
    return task_ns_egid(task);

Common Issues

If the passed task is not valid or is from a different namespace, this function will return -1.


This function can be used in conjunction with other Linux kernel functions to manipulate and retrieve information about namespaces and threads. For example, it can be combined with ptrace() to examine the EGID of a process.

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