function::task_nice - Linux


The function::task_nice command is used to determine whether or not a task is currently in a nice state, meaning it has a modified scheduling priority. This information can be utilized in various scenarios, such as debugging performance issues or identifying tasks that are being starved for resources.


function::task_nice <task_pid>


  • <task_pid>: The ID of the task to be inspected.




To determine if a task with PID 1234 is currently in a nice state:

function::task_nice 1234

Common Issues

If the specified task PID does not exist, the command will output an error message.


The function::task_nice command can be combined with other tools to comprehensively analyze the behavior of a system. For instance, it can be used with the top command to identify tasks that are consuming excessive resources while in a nice state.

Related Commands

  • top: Provides a dynamic real-time view of the system’s running processes.
  • renice: Allows you to modify the nice value of a running task.
  • nice: Runs a new command with a modified nice value.