function::task_dentry_path - Linux


task_dentry_path is used to inspect the current working directory of a specific task or process. It extracts the path from the corresponding dentry entry in the task’s name space. This is done by examining the procfs entry of the task specified by its PID.


task_dentry_path PID


  • PID: The numeric ID of the process whose working directory path is to be retrieved.


This command does not support any command-line options or flags.


  1. Get the working directory of process ID 1234:

    task_dentry_path 1234
  2. Use with other commands to gather information:

    ls -la $(task_dentry_path 1234)

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the specified PID is a valid and running process.
  • If the command returns an empty string or (none), it indicates that the process has no working directory (e.g., kernel threads).


task_dentry_path can be used in combination with other tools and commands to gather information about running processes:

  • procps: Provides detailed information about a process, including its environment variables, open files, memory usage, and more.
  • strace: Traces system calls made by a process, providing a complete view of its system interactions.
  • gdb: A powerful debugger that can be used to inspect the internals of a running process, including its working directory.

Related Commands

  • pstree: Displays a tree-like representation of currently running processes.
  • ps: Provides information about running processes, including their PIDs and command-line arguments.
  • pwd: Prints the current working directory of the shell.