function::task_backtrace - Linux


function::task_backtrace is a command used to display the backtrace for a task (function) in the Linux kernel. It helps in debugging and understanding the flow of execution within the kernel.


function::task_backtrace [<task_pid>]
  • <task_pid>: (Optional) The process ID of the task to display the backtrace for. If omitted, the current task’s backtrace will be displayed.


This command does not support any options or flags.


Display the backtrace for the current task:


Display the backtrace for the task with PID 1:

function::task_backtrace 1

Common Issues

If the provided task PID does not exist, the command will return an error message.


function::task_backtrace can be integrated with other Linux commands such as pstree to visualize the process tree and identify the task to investigate.

Related Commands

  • pstree: Display the process tree hierarchy.
  • gdb: Debugger for kernel and user-space programs.
  • perf: Performance analysis tool.