function::string_to_fp - Linux


function::string_to_fp is a powerful Linux command used to convert a given string representation of a floating-point number into its corresponding IEEE 754 binary floating-point representation. It is valuable when working with floating-point data from various sources, such as files, streams, or user input.


function::string_to_fp <input_string> [<options>]

Required Arguments:

  • <input_string>: The string representation of the floating-point number to be converted.


  • –format: Specifies the format of the input string. Supported formats include ‘decimal’ (default), ‘hexadecimal’, and ‘scientific’.
  • –precision: Sets the precision of the converted floating-point number. The default is 64 bits (double-precision).
  • –hex_notation: Indicates that the input string is in hexadecimal notation.
  • –nan_mode: Controls how NaN (Not-a-Number) values are handled. Options include ‘ignore’ (default), ‘raise’, and ‘quiet’.
  • –inf_mode: Similar to --nan_mode, but for handling infinity values.
  • –help: Displays a brief usage description for the command.
  • –version: Prints the command version.


Convert a decimal string to floating-point:

function::string_to_fp "3.14159265"

Convert a hexadecimal string to floating-point:

function::string_to_fp "0x40490fdb" --hex_notation

Specify the desired precision:

function::string_to_fp "1e6" --precision 32

Common Issues

  • Invalid Input String: Ensure the input string is a valid representation of a floating-point number.
  • Unsupported Format: Specify the correct format of the input string using the --format option.
  • Out-of-Range Value: If the converted value exceeds the specified precision, the result will be truncated or rounded.


Example Script: Convert a file of floating-point numbers from decimal to binary format:


# Read input file and convert each line to binary
while read line; do
  fp_binary=$(function::string_to_fp "$line")
  echo "$fp_binary"
done < input_file.txt

Related Commands

  • printf: Can be used to create a string representation of a floating-point number.
  • bc: A calculator that can also perform floating-point arithmetic.
  • fpcalc: A command-line tool for floating-point calculations and conversions.