function::stp_pid - Linux


function::stp_pid is a command that checks if a specified pid is in the state of stopped. It is a simple and effective tool that can be used with Linux commands or scripts to manage processes and automate tasks.


function::stp_pid [--help] [process_id]


  • –help: Display help for the command.


Example 1: Verify if a process is stopped

function::stp_pid 2345

Example 2: Use in a script to handle stopped processes


# Check if process 1234 is stopped
if function::stp_pid 1234; then
    # Perform actions if process is stopped
    echo "Process 1234 is stopped."
    # Handle the case where the process is not stopped
    echo "Process 1234 is still running."

Common Issues

  • Incorrect PID: Ensure that the provided PID is valid and belongs to an existing process.


function::stp_pid can be seamlessly integrated with other commands to automate tasks. For instance, it can be used with pgrep to check if a process with a specific name is stopped.

pgrep -f program | xargs function::stp_pid

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